Instrument Disinfection

Provides a very good price-performance ratio
Strong protection against corrosion
Eco-friendly – May be disposed of with regular waste water
Free from aldehydes
Suitable for use in ultrasonic bath

Its Used to disinfectant and sterilize a wide range of medical instruments and equipment including
critical,semi-critical, and non-critical instruments

1. PRO-STERILANT is a ready to use product.

2. Disassemble your instruments right after use and immerse them into the prepared solution of  PRO-STERILANT.

3. Prevent any bubbles or cavities from forming in order to preserve the disinfecting effect of the solution.

4. Leave your instruments in the solution for the indicated application time.

5.After the disinfecting period, take the disinfected instruments from the solution, rinse and dry them thoroughly.

Contains: Glutaral Dehyde, Bimethyl Benzyl ammonium chlorides,Benzyl ammonium chlorides.

pH value: Ready to use

Optics/fragrance: clear  liquid / amine like

D11-20500 5 Litre

Mass Retail