The active foam disinfectant for sensitive surfaces

Broad spectrum of activity
Free from alcohol and aldehydess
suitable for sensitive surfaces and users, suitable for sensitive surfaces and users
Very good cleaning efficiency
bactericidal, fungicidal,tuberculocidal and virucidal

PRO-Surfaces AF is an alcohol-free, ready-to-use solution for the fast disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices with sensitive surfaces such as abdominal and vaginal ultrasound probes, infusion pumps,acrylic glass, soft PVC,natural and artificial leather.

1. PRO-FLOOR a ready to use product for all kind of surfaces.

2. The spray comes with a dual nozzle for spray and foam application.

3.The ready to use solution is applied as foam take care that the special foam filter is flapped to the spray nozzle.

4.It is recommended to regularly wipe the surfaces with a moist disposable cloth

tion, use an additional cleaning agent, but avoid mixing it withPRO-FLOOR.

Contains:Ethanol :10-25%

pH value: Ready to use

Optics/Fragrance: transparent color liquid

D12-40065 5Ltr