The Protective Drill Disinfectant

Provides a very good price-performance ratio
Strong protection against corrosion
Eco-friendly – May be disposed of with regular waste water
Free from aldehydes
Suitable for use in ultrasonic bath

PRO-DRILL is a ready-to-use combination product for disinfecting and cleaning dental drills and other rotating precision instruments. The dental drill disinfectant is characterised by its excellent cleaning power, its broad spectrum of activity, its effective corrosion protection and its pleasant discreet odor

1.The product is a ready to use solution which does not have to be diluted before use.

2.Place instruments in the solution im- mediately after use.

3.Completely submerge the instruments and leave to rest.

4.Rinse the instruments with water after the disinfecting procedure and dry them.

5.Do not mix with other disinfectants or cleansers. Not suitable for Aluminum

Contains: Bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecyl amine,Didecyl methyl polyoxyethyl ammonium propionate

pH value: <9

Optics/fragrance: clear blue liquid / amine like

D11-40500 5Ltr