PRO-GRE solv

Food processing all purpose germicidal cleaner

Broad spectrum of activity within 30 sec – incl TbB
Reduced potential of irritation suitable for sensitive users
Free from additives
Free from aldehydes, phenols and quaternary ammonium compounds
bactericidal, fungicidal,tuberculocidal and virucidal

PRO-GRE Solv is very effective grease solvent disinfectant that provide efficient cleaning and sanitizing of variety of food processing equipment appliances and tools. It can also be used in water tank disinfection and cleaning. Used effectivly in food processing factory,meat & polutary farms,shelter houses and wherever food prepared like Restaurant,Hotels, Hospitals,…

1. PRO-GRE SOLV a concentrated product which has to be diluted before use. Choose your preferred concentration.

2. Before large scale applications, test the compatibility of PRO-GRE SOLV  the surface on a small and hidden spot.

3. Wipe the respective surfaces with the prepared solution of PRO-GRE SOLV, and make sure that the surfaces to be disinfected are completely moistened.

4. Leave to rest for the indicated application time of the chosen concentration.

5. In case of stubborn contamination, use an additional cleaning agent, but avoid mixing it with PRO-GRE solv

Contains: n-Alkl (60% C 14, 30% C16, 5% C12.5% C18)dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, Alky; (68% C12, 32% C14) dimethyl ethylbenylAmmonium chloride Inert Ingredients

pH value:9 (concentrate)

Optics/Fragrance: transparent  liquid

D12-20500 5 Litre

D12-22000 20 Litre

Mass Retail