PRO-SURF rapid

The gentle rapid surface disinfectant

Broad spectrum of activity within 30 sec – incl TbB
Reduced potential of irritation suitable for sensitive users
Free from additives
Free from aldehydes, phenols and quaternary ammonium compounds
bactericidal, fungicidal,tuberculocidal and virucidal

The hand soap provides a thorough cleansing of skin and hands. The ingredients are skin friendly (dermatologically tested) and moisturising at the same time, so your skin and hands remain smooth and moist after washing.

1. Do not use PRO-SURF rapid on surfaces not compatible to alcohol such as acrylic glass or artificial leather.

2. Spray PRO-SURF rapid on the surfaces to be treated from a distance of approx. 30 cm. Make sure that the surfaces to be disinfected are completely moistened.

3. Let PRO-SURF rapid to take effect for the indicated time.

4. If necessary, remove any excess preparation with a lint-free, uncoloured disposable cloth.

Contains: Ethanol, 1-Propanol
pH value: <10
Optics/Fragrance: colorless liquid / Citron

D10-20050       500ml

D10-20100       1 Litre

D10-20500       5 Litre

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