Water Soluble&Hypoallergenic

  Contains Aloe Vera extract & vitamins
No drying out of hands even when washing frequently
Cleaning and nurturing
High cleaning efficiency

PRO-Ultrasound Gel is used as a coupling agent to allow ultrasonic waves to pass out of the ultrasound transducer head into the patient’s body tissue. Because this gel is water-soluble, the conductivity is greater. The non-greasy, non-staining and hypoallergenic gel improves patient comfort.

1. Moisten your hands with water and apply two strokesof PRO- HAND scrub to your hands.

2. Wash your hands comprehensively until you feel the soap forming a soft form.

3. Then, rinse your hands thoroughly with clean water

Deionized water, Vollentsalzteswasser, Eau dessaleeCarbomer, Sodium Hydrosit, Mono
propylene Glycol 5-chlor-2-Methy1-Isothiazolin-2-one 2-methy 14-4isothiazon-3-one,

Optics/fragrance: transparent Blue / Fresh River

D13-10025       250ml

D13-10500       5 Litre