The Foam Free Suction Disinfectant

Provides a very good price-performance ratio
Strong protection against corrosion
Eco-friendly – May be disposed of with regular waste water
Free from aldehydes
Suitable for use in ultrasonic bath

PRO-Suction highly effective disinfectnant concentrate for the simultaneous disinfection, deodorization, cleaning and care of all dental suction systems, amalgam separators as well as spittoon bowls. Selected disinfecting and cleansing agents enable highly effective care without foam, care that is easy on the system itself and the environment. Daily use of PRO-Suction ensures trouble-free operation of the
suction systems, even with extremely high dirt and germ loads (e.g. saliva, amalgam and dentine dust, blood, etc.), both with regard to function and hygiene

1.The solution must first be diluted with water to a concentration of 1 to 3% (10 to30ml cencentrated per 1liter water) Approx.1 liter of solution should be used per application.

2.Regularly the suction systemshould be disinfected once or twice per day according to the degree of soilling.

3.Do not mix with cleaners or other disinfectants

N,N-Dimethyl-NDioctyl Ammonium chloride, Benzyl-N, NDimethyl-N-Dodecyl Ammonium Cloride Additives,Water

pH value: <9

Optics/fragrance: clear blue liquid / amine like

D11-30500 5Ltr